[Review] Rosewater Hydrating Spritz - Adorn Mineral Cosmetics

[Review] Rosewater Hydrating Spritz - Adorn Mineral Cosmetics

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 Sara Hassan , 10 Comments

Under the spotlight today is the Certified Organic Rosewater Hydrating Spritz by Adorn Mineral Cosmetics.

Certified Organic Rosewater Hydrating Spritz
If you have drier skin, or prefer a more dewy look, spritz over your foundation, this will re-hydrate your skin and correct a dry or flakey look.  Or alternatively lightly spritz your Adorn Vegan Kabuki Brush before dipping it into your loose Adorn foundation and apply for instant liquid foundation! The fresh rosewater will invigorate you!

Hold nozzle a little way from face and spritz - it’s as easy as that. To minimise the appearance of large pores spritz, then with a sponge or brush lightly smooth over your make-up in a downward motion.

Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Distillate*, Glycerine*, Tocopherol (Vitamin-E Oil), Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract, Rose Flower Oil*, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed Oil

My thoughts
This definitely works like a charm for me. I have a combination skin and I usually suffer from both dryness and oiliness at the same time. Every time I wear a powder foundation, dry patches appear around my nose. I always moisturize my skin before applying any makeup because if I don't do that, my foundation enhances those patchy areas which looks really very ugly.

I consider myself fortunate to have tried this product - it's amazing! All I have to do is spray it on my face after I have done my makeup and those nasty dry patches simply go away. The first time I tried, I knew for sure that the dryness will reappear after a while but guess what? It never re-appeared. I am guessing it's because it has some glycerin in it which prevents dryness and hydrates the skin.

This hydrating spritz has a mild pleasant scent, feels like water on the skin and dries after a while but doesn't stop hydrating. I am glad that I can use it both in summer and winter and carry it around with me everywhere.
You might like it if...
  • You are into mineral makeup.
  • You want it to hydrate your skin.
  • You want it to fight dryness.
You might not like it if...
  • You don't like the price.
My rating:

It comes in a 60ml bottle and costs AUD 45.

You can get yours from their website HERE. They ship worldwide.

What do you think about it? Has anyone tried it yet?


  1. mmm Pricey it is bt then it wud be WORTH IT :)

  2. Woww it sounds like an awesome product!! Nice review Sara :D

  3. that seems like a good product. great review

  4. Great review Sara! Looks like a great product. And same thing happens with me too, after applying foundation, I get dry patches on my nose. I hope we can find something like this here.

  5. It sounds amazing! A bit too pricey for me though.

  6. HI girls, Thanks for your feedback and posts. Adorn ships world wide. What in AUD would be a price you feel is fair and not expensive? Love to know. Just that in Australia that price bracket fits in the medium price range. I think the dollar difference may impede on this but since we are strongly trying to attract overseas customers we are happy to try and accomodate. Maybe free shipping over AUD $100 could help?? Love to know!

  7. Wow... Impressive stuff! Love the fact that it is an organic product as well! I too get dry patches with foundation, doesn't matter if I use one ment for dry skin. great to see I'm not the only one :)

  8. wow great stuff


  9. Great review. I myself suffer from the same problem. I get dry patches after applying foundation or face powder.Tell me why can't I use Hamdard's rose water for the same purpose? :D


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