Color Studio Professional Pro Luminous Foundation – Review & swatches

Color Studio Professional Pro Luminous Foundation – Review & swatches

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 Sara Hassan , 21 Comments

Pro Luminous Foundation is Color Studio Professional’s latest addition to their makeup range. I know you have been waiting long to know if it lives up to its claims. Let’s not wait any longer!

Pro Luminous Foundation
Achieve a flawless medium to full coverage perfect for daytime or evening wear. This hydrating foundation enhances the key signs of healthy skin for a radiant appearance. With a built-in moisturizer, protect your skin while getting an even-toned and luminous finish. A well moisturized skin allows blushes and highlighters to blend into the skin evenly, leaving you with naturally glowing skin.

With the benefit of SPF 15, the Pro Luminous Foundation provides effective protection from sun damage and photo-aging. With the Pro Luminous Foundation, achieve a flawless look with multipurpose benefits all in one bottle!

Available in 4 shades/30 mL

Color Studio Professional Pro Luminous Foundation
Color Studio Professional Pro Luminous Foundation Swatches
Color Studio Professional Pro Luminous Foundation (Before & After Application)
I am also wearing this foundation (2 layers) in one of my tutorial posts here.

For your ease of selection, I would like to describe the shades individually. Pro Luminous Foundation comes in the shades listed below:

Asian Beige
Asian Beige is the darkest of all the shades. It’s suitable for medium wheatish to dusky skin tone. It has pink undertones.

Soft Beige
Soft Beige is the palest of all the shades. It’s suitable for very pale to fair skin tone and has pink undertones.

Natural Skin
Natural Skin is suitable for medium skin tone and has neutral undertones.

Ivory is the second palest shade suitable for fair to light medium skin tone. It has neutral undertones.

My thoughts

From the description I read about the foundation, I gathered it must not be suitable for my combination skin type. I love a luminous look so I never skip highlighting -- I don’t like a flat face -- although in summer, I prefer a matte finish. When I discovered this foundation has a ‘built-in moisturizer’, I thought I’ll pass since I wasn’t sure to what extent moisturizing would it be. A luminous effect without making your face feel sticky or slick-y seems so incredible, doesn’t it? I have to say, this foundation really turned around my thoughts about it after I actually tried it.

My match in this range is Natural Skin which isn’t a perfect match for me in terms of undertones; it has somewhat neutral undertones while I prefer yellow but it doesn’t appear any off on me after it sets -- only that it makes my face look a little whitish which I don't like. The very first thing you notice about it is the strong scent which remains detectable for quite some time. The scent is pleasant so it doesn’t bother me but I wish it was scent-free. Also I don’t like the packaging. This foundation does NOT deserve this packaging at all! It should’ve instead been contained in some bottle with a comfortable pump. There is always a chance of squeezing out excess foundation with this type of packaging. Also make sure you don't put the tube flat because it tends to leak the next time you open up the lid.

The foundation has a thin and runny consistency so I prefer applying it with my Sigma Flat Top Kabuki brush. I also noticed some glimmer of shimmer in it which totally disappears after it’s applied. I just pour in a pea-sized amount on the brush, blend and buff it in sections. It spreads out smoothly and blends into the skin without a hitch. You can apply it sheer or build it more for a medium coverage. In my opinion, it doesn’t give a full coverage as it doesn’t conceal spots or blemishes on my skin completely. I believe this foundation is perfect for a daily wear because it’s literally weightless! It doesn’t suffocate my skin or clog pores.

This foundation gives a semi matte, slightly luminous finish. It actually makes my skin look radiant. For a minute, it feels itsy bitsy tacky before it sets. You’d know what I mean if you have tried Revlon ColorStay Foundation. But soon after it sets, it doesn’t feel that way. This foundation doesn’t transfer or slip-off my skin which I really enjoy. If I set it, it wouldn’t budge until I deliberately scratch my skin. I am also pleased with the wear; it stays put for up to five hours after setting. However, my T-zone does appear slightly shiny when I come back home. I don’t actually believe it’s moisturizing so if you’re someone with dry to normal skin type, you will be reaching out for a moisturizer because it can highlight dry patches.

Overall, for the price, I like this foundation and I am using it quite often these days. In a nutshell, this foundation is suitable for all skin types (dry to normal with moisturizer underneath). My only concern is the narrow range of shades available. Four shades clearly aren’t enough to encompass all the skin tones we have here in Pakistan. So I am rating it a little less solely for this reason. I really do hope Color Studio Professional expands the range soon enough and brings out some yellow toned shades as well.

You might like it if…
  • You expect a luminous, semi-matte finish.
  • You look forward to a light to medium coverage.
  • You want your foundation to be light-weight/non-greasy.
  • You expect an easy blending.
  • You expect a decent wear time.
  • You want a foundation with SPF.
  • You find it affordable.

You might not like it if…
  • You can’t find your match/undertone.
  • You find the scent off putting.
  • You don’t moisturize your skin (dry to normal skin type)
  • You expect a full coverage.
My rating

Color Studio Professional Pro Luminous Foundation is priced PKR 750 and can be found at stores across Pakistan. You can also purchase it online from and Mascara

What do you think about it? Have you tried anything from Color Studio Pro yet?

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  1. such an elaborate & informative review
    hats off girl ! :)

  2. Another product I ll look forward to try...

  3. I will also pick natural shade. :)
    Amazing review Sara!

  4. Love the clear swatches. Great review sweets :)

  5. I didnot tried it yet.I think Natural and IVORY are similar.But I will choose Ivory.

    1. Yes, they do look very similar but Ivory appears tad lighter on me when applied. :)

  6. So i'm guessing this isn't for oily skin?

    1. In my opinion, it's suitable for all skin types. :)

  7. Nice review Sara..... awesome swatches <3

  8. how much does it retail n i wud like to know wat shade wud u prefer me getting im a nc 20-25 in mac n shade 2 soft sand in mua

    1. The price is mentioned in the post. You can check out Ivory and Soft Beige. I suggest trying out the testers to be sure. Thank you! :)

  9. Its a nice foundation since you mention is suitable for all skin tones. I would look into the brand

  10. Just the name of it makes me want to buy it. Looks flawless on you in that tutorial! However the packaging is a little off.

  11. Is....Asian beige really the name of that foundation? ....LOL. None of these are suit my skintone and my skin is very dry + I prefer full coverage, so these would probably not be a good match for me.

  12. if its not for combination skin then is this for dry to normal skin or in any case needs a mousturizer?

    1. As mentioned, it's suitable for all skin types. If your skin is dry, you can moisturize before putting it on. I suggest trying out the testers to be sure :)

  13. sara, i have a fair complexion, i tried testers and i am pretty confused whether to go for ivory or natural? even teh sales girl couldn't help... which one is the lighter shade among ivory and natural for a fair skin tone?

    1. Hey Sumera, Ivory should match you since it's a bit lighter compared to Natural. :)

  14. Hello sara
    I'm using N 35 shade. Which shade will be suitable for me? I have warm undertone.


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