NYX Shine Killer – Review

NYX Shine Killer – Review

Monday, June 18, 2012 Sara Hassan , 17 Comments

Getting rid of my shiny T-zone is not an easy task for me. I wouldn’t skip primer or an oil controlling moisturizer prior to putting on my foundation. Read to find out what I have to say about NYX Shine Killer.

NYX Shine Killer
Prep your skin with NYX Cosmetics Shine Killer! Apply prior to your usual makeup routine for longer wear and a more flawless look throughout the day. Reduce oil and shine to keep face smooth and matte for an impeccable canvas.

NYX Shine Killer
NYX Shine Killer

My thoughts
Let's confess! Few of us are in the habit of priming our skins before wearing foundation. I myself just recently realized how important it is to prepare your skin for makeup. Be it a moisturizer or a primer, believe it or not, foundation application gets much smoother and easier because a primed skin provides an even base for your foundation to spread on.

NYX says that Shine Killer reduces oil and shine on the skin. As much I have used it, I can say it does prevent excess oil from appearing and sliding off the foundation but I do not believe it’s an absolute shine smasher. My face gets shiny in the T-zone in the same amount of time it would normally get but the appearance of shine is just a little less. For some it may be a good thing because that way your pores don’t get clogged so no potential breakouts. I myself haven’t faced any breakouts so far.

When I first used it, it reminded me of DMGM Skin Primer as the consistency and the feel is very much comparable. If I close my eyes and use them, I won’t be able to distinguish. They both deliver almost similar results in my opinion. I would rate Shine Killer half less compared to DMGM Skin Primer because of the easy availability.

Shine Killer is a transparent odorless gel. When I apply it, it goes on velvet smooth and vanishes quickly. In case if you're wondering, it doesn't roll up into nasty particles on the face. Just like any primer that I’ve used, it too provides a silky canvas for foundation application. I see it also helps minimize the appearance of my pores to an extent but it won’t help with large pores. When I apply it, I can feel an invisible layer on my skin because it doesn’t actually sink into the skin which is also the case with DMGM Skin Primer so I suggest NOT going overboard; less is more. If you do, your skin might feel suffocated.

Overall, I’d say it isn’t a miracle product. If you live in Pakistan and can’t shop online, DMGM Skin Primer is an alternative for this. I do like using Shine Killer just because it makes the foundation look flawless and really helps with a smooth blending.

You might like it if…
  • You want a primer that delays excess shine.
  • You expect a silky & smooth coverage.
  • You expect a non-greasy/matte feel.
  • You expect it to ease your foundation application/blending.
  • You're looking for a primer that doesn't roll up.
You might not like it if…
  • You expect a shine free skin for a longer period of time.
  • You expect it to sink into the skin.
  • You are sensitive to silicone based primers.
My rating

You can purchase NYX Shine Killer online for US$13.00 from B2Nshop.com and $12.99 from Beautyjoint.com.

Are you a primer person? What do you think about this one?

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  1. i use a the smashbox primer before and it is the best one i have used in a long time! lovely review sara :)xx

  2. Seems a good product! Thanks for one another honest review:)

  3. I se the loreal matte primer its from the studio line aaammmmmaaazzzing o prevnt from oil and shine for like 10 hrs .....

  4. It is really a good product :) I was planning to buy NYX pores filler. Thanks for posting review :) XXX <3

  5. Looks good! Great review sara :)

  6. I was waiting for your review on this one. I have a major T-zone problem and I have to touch that area in 3-4 hours even when I am using powder foundation. I don't think so this product will be any good for me as I am already using NYX's HD primer and I agree with you that primer makes a HUGE difference!
    Nice review like always :) xx

  7. Thanks for this Sara. Was wondering if I should get this or not. Now I will surely :))

  8. would love to try this .....great review :)

  9. Looks like a good product, but I just bought a new primer.

  10. thank you for this review Sara. I stick to my Laura Mercier primer, I think it's the best!!!

  11. Sara! I an always count on your reviews. I will probably be giving this a try, even though it doesn't last all day. A little improvement is always better than none and NYX products are really easy to get around here!

  12. Thanks Eden. <3

    Yes, it doesn't help much with oil control for me but it isn't bad as a primer. :)

  13. I ordered mine.i neva used any primer in my life becoz i neva knew its significance. Best part of your blog for me is we have same skin type & problems i.e foundation always slips from nose etc.Im reading ur blogs. Its really helpful for me . Thanks a bunch Sarah.

  14. hello sarah !
    i wanna buy this , but i just found that "B2NSHOP" wont ship it to pakistan .
    how could i buy .. any help ??


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