Color Studio Professional Color Rush Lipsticks – Review & swatches

Color Studio Professional Color Rush Lipsticks – Review & swatches

Thursday, September 13, 2012 Sara Hassan , 29 Comments

Color Rush Lipsticks have been out in the market for quite some time. I suppose they have been around for over a year now. Today, I am gonna share six out of the eighteen shades with you.

Color Rush Lipstick
With an instant color release creamy texture, Color Rush Lipstick glides easily for smooth, even spread. Ideal formulation for dry lips because of hydrating effect. Best shades for bold glamorous effect. Enriched with vitamins and essential oils to protect and nourish your lips.

Available in 18 shades.

Color Studio Professional Color Rush Lipsticks
Color Studio Professional Color Rush Lipsticks
Color Studio Professional Color Rush Lipsticks
Color Studio Professional Color Rush Lipsticks (swatches)
Color Studio Professional Color Rush Lipsticks -- Danger Lady
Color Studio Professional Color Rush Lipsticks -- In Vogue
Color Studio Professional Color Rush Lipsticks -- Diva
Color Studio Professional Color Rush Lipsticks -- Bomb Shell
Color Studio Professional Color Rush Lipsticks -- Vixen
Color Studio Professional Color Rush Lipsticks -- Jet Setter
My thoughts
I like that CSP named their lipsticks and didn’t end up with codes only (it’s just so frustrating to remember the codes). Before the review, let’s comment on the shades individually.

Danger Lady 106 is a soft nude with brown tones. I like this shade because it appears very natural and is quite a wearable color. It’s not the nude that would wash you out or make you look corpse-like. It’s not a true nude though; it’s more of a brownish nude. It might not show up well on very pigmented lips. In Vogue 107 is pink with a bit of lilac touch to it. It’s basically a cool toned pink but it doesn’t look off on me but I would prefer wearing it with dark smokey eyes. Diva 109 is a unique color; it’s a red brown. I don’t have anything similar to this in my lipstick collection so I quite like it. It would complement all skin-tones in my opinion. Bomb Shell 110, as the name suggests, is a true vibrant pink red; it’s a beautiful shade I must say. Vixen 111 is a pretty pink with warm undertones; it’s my favorite of the two pinks. Last but not the least, Jet Setter 115 is a true bright reddish orange perfect for summer.

Coming to the review now. First of all, I noticed that the texture and finish is not the same for every shade. Danger Lady and In Vogue are sheer with creamy texture and glossy finish. In Vogue also tends to settle into the lip lines. Vixen is fairly pigmented with a sheeny finish as well. They require a couple of swipes to build up but they don’t reach up to full coverage; you only get a semi-opaque coverage. These three lipsticks also lack the grip found in the other three shades – Diva, Bomb Shell and Jet Setter – they have a soft-matte finish and they’re full coverage with just a slight sheen. They have better grip on the lips hence last longer. All shades glide on smoothly and apply evenly. The lighter shades have a tendency to emphasize lip lines. You should perhaps wear a lip gloss on top to minimize the effect. If you suffer from extremely dry lips then you should coat your lips with a lip balm first to get an even application. The lipsticks have no scent or taste which adds up to the good points. 

The lasting power varies from shade to shade and depends on the intensity of the color. The light/creamy shades last maximum one and a half hour and fade thereafter. The dark/soft-matte ones, on the other hand, last for up to good three hours. I advise using a lip liner to increase the longevity. Do they fade evenly? Yes, they don’t get clumpy upon fading which is surprising.

Color Rush Lipsticks are pretty good for a cheap price tag. I see myself reaching for these on daily basis because the colors are so pretty and wearable.  

You might like it if…
  • You are looking for good pocket-friendly lipsticks.
  • You expect good pigmentation.
  • It doesn't appear cakey on your lips.
  • You are impressed with the huge range of shades.
  • You expect a decent wear (maximum three hours).
  • You expect them to fade evenly.
You might not like it if…
  • You expect a long wear.
  • The soft-matte shades feel drying on your lips (use a lip balm).
  • The light shades are sheer for your taste. 
  • The light shades emphasize your lip lines.
My rating 

Color Studio Professional Color Rush Lipstick is priced PKR 550 and can be found at superstores nationwide. You can also purchase it online from and Beauty Arena. Catch CSP on Facebook for updates!

What do you think about it? Have you tried it?

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  1. All the shades are SUPER pretty! I am in love with the texture of these lipsticks. xx

  2. pretty swatches...want to try their lippies

  3. Lovely shades! Have you reviewed CSP lip glosses?

  4. They all look flattering on you! <3

  5. OMG I love it!!! love the colors. I thought the same diva would go on all skin tones. Please show us all these beautiful colors on your beautiful face :p it gets easier for me to select for myself :p too confused u know heheh. Love it though :)

  6. Nice swatches :) I have one that I will be reviewing soon in Vixen but my shade is so different that this one. Confused :s

  7. These look so pretty!! :) Lovely shades! I am loving you photographs here Sara!! :)

  8. They look so good on you!
    I think is hard to choose, these lipsticks very pretty!!

  9. Really love vixen and jet setter :) Great photos!

  10. Nice review I have one but its a different shade than ur six..will review soon:)

  11. and there is a blog series on mY LIPSTICK COLLECTION going on my blog have u seen that do visit ill be thank ful:)

  12. i am loving all colors nice review...

  13. this is lipstick heaven! ive been meaning to try them out. i definitely will now :)

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE BOMB SHELL. I am in love with red these days !!

  15. very pretty shades! I like that these arent as drying as other lipsticks Ive come across

  16. Love the shades, can't wait to try a couple out hehe

  17. Love them...specially vixen and in vogue

  18. wow there are tooo many awesome colors in this collection!! another great review :)))

  19. Jet Setter looks good. Is it truly orange or has some hint of pink or red ?

  20. Hi Sara....i think every shade suits you really well....i wanted to ask something...naturally i am tan but since i go to school i get a bit darker ..but that's temporary as far as i know.. Can u please suggest me the lip colors i should wear which will suit me and which colors should i avoid...thank u so much <3

    1. Hi Rida,

      The best way to find out which shades would go well with your skin tone is to try the shades yourself. It is not possible for me to suggest colors from here. You'll have to do it yourself sweetie, I am so sorry :) x


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