W7 Automatic Fine Eye Liner Black Waterproof – Review & swatches

W7 Automatic Fine Eye Liner Black Waterproof – Review & swatches

Tuesday, September 04, 2012 Sara Hassan , 8 Comments

Have trouble eye lining? Looking for something easy? Meet Automatic Fine Eye Liner by w7; designed for super easy and quick application.

W7 Automatic Fine Eye Liner
For lining, defining, colouring and contouring eyes. Formulated to glide on easily and blend beautifully for dramatically defined to soft and smoldering effects.

W7 Automatic Fine Eye Liner Black Waterproof
W7 Automatic Fine Eye Liner Black Waterproof
My thoughts
If you are a beginner and find eye lining troublesome, you better begin with a pencil or marker eyeliner. The good thing about marker is that it gives you a good grip during application and makes eye lining quick and effortless.

This product reminds me of CSP Knock Out Eye Marker. Although I wouldn’t say it’s as intense; you need two-three swipes to achieve a solid matte black line. The felt-tip applicator is a nice surprise; it’s slightly bendable and glides across the lid smoothly without dragging hence making application comfortable. It sets pretty quickly and doesn’t smear (even if you try to rub) however I am really not sure about the waterproof claim it makes. I noticed that it slightly fades upon contact with water so that’s disappointing.

If you have oily lids, you might notice some fading after a couple of hours; this product cannot survive humidity in my opinion. Does it apply over an eyeshadow? Well, that depends on how well your build it; you need multiple layering for that. In general, this product is really meant for beginners and those looking for easy application. It’s not targeted to those wanting longevity and intensity. For me, it’s just an okay product. I find CSP Knock Out Marker a much better alternative to this since that’s more pigmented comparatively plus a bit cheaper too. Eye markers tend to dry out quickly so make sure you use up the product within two to three months.

You might like it if…

  • You are expecting super easy application.
  • You don’t mind layering it multiple times.
  • It doesn’t budge after it sets.
  • You find it budget-friendly.
You might not like it if…
  • You expect a solid black line on first swipe.
  • It slightly fades upon contact with water; not really waterproof.
  • You have oily lids or the weather around you is humid.
  • You want to apply it over an eyeshadow
My rating

W7 Automatic Fine Eye Liner Black Waterproof  comes with a price tag of PKR 400 and can be purchased form Emporium Cosmetics

What do you think about it? Have you tried it?

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  1. It's really hard to find a good felt tip liquid liner pen. I bought a NYX one and it dried out fairly quickly, I was so disappointed. Thanks for the review xx

  2. hmm sounds like an interesting product. In your swatch above, how many times did you go over it? Thanks hun!

  3. kindly tell me any waterproof eye pencil that doesn't smudge specially on the waterline.

    1. I suggest using a gel eyeliner on your waterline. works better.

  4. I have been thinking about picking up one of the higher end liner markers, because I still have quite the hard time with cat eyes given my hooded lids. But if this can't hold up well against water or oil it probably wouldn't last very long on my face. Sigh.


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