5 Must Have Sigma Eye Brushes

5 Must Have Sigma Eye Brushes

Thursday, November 22, 2012 Sara Hassan , 5 Comments

Today, I want to share my absolute favorite Sigma eye brushes. I hope you'd find this helpful.

I have lots of Sigma brushes but these are the ones I reach for every time I create a look. If you're starting out with makeup and you've no clue which brushes to begin with, these are the ones you must have in your stash.

Not to forget, Sigma Black Friday Sale is here again! Grab this opportunity to get your favorite Sigma brushes without any shipping charges. Isn't that cool? You get absolutely free Worldwide First Class Shipping when you enter the coupon code BF2012 while checking out. Receive a complimentary gift when you spend $30 or more.

Folks in Pakistan can get Sigma brushes online from Just4girls.pk.

Which are your favorite Sigma eye brushes?


  1. I was already looking at that E45 brush but they're out of stock :(

  2. Sarah many thanks for this post. I tried placing an order with my (Pakistani)credit card but the Sigma website isn't accepting. Is this supposed to happen ?

    1. Hi Serena, the website doesn't accept Pakistan's credit card I am afraid. :)

  3. this is so helpful Sara!! Thanks so much for sharing darling :))


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