Hello Glow Rice & Milk Facial Cleansing Powder – Review

Hello Glow Rice & Milk Facial Cleansing Powder – Review

Tuesday, November 06, 2012 Sara Hassan , 9 Comments

I posted a review on Hello Glow Skin Whitening Plus Facial Polish a couple of weeks back. I loved it so much that I grabbed another bottle as soon as it hit Just4girls. What do I think about the cleansing powder? Read more to find out!

Hello Glow Rice and Milk Facial Cleansing Powder
A luxuriously hand blended silky powder, that glides over skin to cleanse and polish. 100% natural combination of pure milk powder, honey, rice and essential oils.

Milk contains an exfoliator, lactic acid, which gently loosens dead skin. This is combined with rice, which is rich in ceramide to stimulate collagen production and help diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Honey acts as a natural humectant, attracting moisture to leave skin smooth and glowing.

Directions for use:
Pour onto wet hands, rub palms together to create a smooth paste, gently massage onto skin for 20 seconds and rinse off with cold water to reveal a radiant complexion.

100 ml.

My thoughts
I love the blend of milk powder, honey, rice and essential oils in this cleanser – sounds very skin-friendly. Well, first of all it’s not your average liquid/cream cleanser that you normally use. Even though powder cleansing is fairly common in Asia – for instance Besan (Gram Flour) cleansing – I haven’t yet embraced the idea of powder cleansing on daily basis so I only use it two to three times a week. I have used it enough to share my thoughts on it.

This cleansing powder, like the previous Hello Glow Powder, is perfect for basic cleansing needs and most of all it doesn’t strip your skin of moisture. I have to say, it does a good job at cleaning and leaves behind a smooth luminous glow on my skin. Obviously, it has a better exfoliating power compared to the Facial Polish and it feels almost like a scrub when I massage it over my skin. With continuous use of Hello Glow duo, I feel that my pores have cleared, got less visible and the blemishes fade out a lot quicker now. I think it could also work as a hydrating scrub for someone complaining of dry flake-y skin. I do feel it gets rid of the dirt effectively but don’t expect it to remove makeup; use a makeup remover/cleansing milk for that.

The scent and the packaging is same as that of the Hello Glow Skin Whitening and Facial Polish. My only complaint is that initially I had a hard time pouring out the powder into my palm. I guess that’s because the powder gets hard when stuffed inside the container and it sticks in one big crumb at the top. So what I did was that I shook it well in order to crack the chunk and it helped. Maybe the powder needs to be milled more or maybe there’s something in the ingredients that clings them together. But it gets better and better as it gets used up.This cleanser also claims to diminish the appearance of wrinkles; I can't say if it does since I don't have wrinkles on my face (at least not yet).

All in all, I quite like this product. Which is my favorite of the two? I would say, the Skin Whitening and Facial Polish but this one is much better at exfoliating so it's for you to decide what best suits your needs.

You might like it if…
  • You expect it to cleanse well
  • You expect your skin to feel soft, smooth and supple after use
  • You have a dry/normal to combination skin type
  • You expect it to exfoliate your skin
  • You’re looking for a 100% natural skin cleansing product
  • You expect it to even out your skin tone with continuous use.
You might not like it if…
  • You expect it to remove makeup
  • You think it's pricey
  • You find it difficult to pour it out into your palm
  • You have oily skin and it breaks you out
  • You find the scent a bit too overwhelming
My rating

Hello Glow Rice & Milk Facial Cleansing Powder is priced £9.99 and can be purchased online from Rose Link UK with free UK delivery. If you live in Pakistan, you can purchase it from BeautyArena.pk or Just4girls.pk for PKR 1500.

What do you think about this product? Have you tried it?

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  1. Great review Sara!!! This looks like another great product <3

  2. It looks so natural in the bottle, I can only imagine how nice it must feel on the skin ^^ Thanks a lot for the review Sara xx

  3. Seems look like good product :)

  4. one more things, is it removing blemishes properly? if yes than its great na

    1. Yes, the duo is really working for me. :)

  5. The moment I read powder cleansing I was thinking of bean already which I love using.. But I liked the fact that it doesn't dry your face out unlike besan.. Is it available in india??

    1. Hey Sheetal, I am afraid, it's not available in India at the moment.


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