Milani Shadow Eyez 12 HR Wear Eyeshadow – Review & swatches

Milani Shadow Eyez 12 HR Wear Eyeshadow – Review & swatches

Sunday, December 09, 2012 Sara Hassan , 28 Comments
Milani Shadow Eyez 12 HR Wear Eyeshadow is much raved about in the beauty blogosphere. Is it worth it? Read more to find out.

Shadow Eyez 12 HR Wear Eyeshadow
Big and blendable 2-in-1 color rich pencil  that can be used as shadow or liner. Creamy smooth, long-lasting, water-resistant, crease-proof and paraben-free formula. The next generation of shadows that you sharpen.

  • Apply the pencil directly to the eyelid, then blend it out with your finger or a brush. After use, always replae the cap so the tip does not dry out.
  • Easily sharpens with Milani's Duo Sharpener.

Milani Shadow Eyez 12 HR Wear Eyeshadow
Milani Shadow Eyez 12 HR Wear Eyeshadow - Royal Purple
Milani Shadow Eyez 12 HR Wear Eyeshadow - Aquatic Style
Milani Shadow Eyez 12 HR Wear Eyeshadow
Milani Shadow Eyez 12 HR Wear Eyeshadow - Aquatic Style & Royal Purple swatches
My thoughts
It’s unbelievable! I was utterly surprised. I thought the 12 hour claim would fall flat on its face when I’d put them to test but I was proved wrong. I was expecting the same result as that of NYX Jumbo Pencils BUT these turned out way better in my case. The only thing that could disappoint is the limited number of shades; I really hope Milani expands and brings out some more striking colors to the range.

Coming back to the review. I’ve got two shades. The first one, Aquatic Style is a pearly vibrant turquoise. It’s a stunning color that looks pretty much like Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer in Aqua Sparkle. The second, Royal Purple is a vivid matte and it’s my favorite of the two. For some reason, I am always drawn towards matte when it comes to eyes. Basically, these chubby pencils are to be used as creamy eyeshadows but I only use them as eyeliners. If you want to use it as an eyeshadow, I suggest blending it out with your finger as soon as you apply it on the lid before it sets. They’re creamy and glide on buttery smooth but I still don’t see myself using them all over the lid alone; maybe just on the inner corners or the lower lash line. You can apply them straight from the pencil or with an angled brush if you require a slim line.

Both the shades offer rich pigmentation right from the first swipe without ever tugging or pulling however don’t go over-board or it might end up chunky. You do need to build them up a bit if you’re applying them with an angled brush. After a short while they set to a solid line almost close to a gel-eyeliner. Now here comes the BEST part. I’ve tested them with no primer, no setting powder and they stayed on for good five hours without fading. You can well imagine how long they’d last with a good primer underneath. I haven’t put them on for 12 hours but I’m still impressed with the wear. They come off easily with a makeup remover not water as they’re water-proof.

All in all, Milani Shadow Eyez is a hit in my book. If you use them as eyeliners, you’d love them. I am not sure about using them as eyeshadows - neither gonna use them for that purpose - but that’s just a personal preference. Apart from that, I think both these colors are a must-have if you want to experiment with fun and bold looks.

You might like it if…
  • You expect good pigmentation on first swipe
  • You expect it to glide on smoothly without tugging
  • You expect a long wear time
  • You use it as an eyeliner
  • You expect it to be water-proof/budge-proof
  • You find it pocket-friendly
You might not like it if…
  • You think the shade range is limited
  • You use it as an eyeshadow and blend slowly
My rating

Milani Shadow Eyez 12 HR Wear Eyeshadow is priced PKR 700 and can be purchased online at Folks abroad can get these for $6.99 at

What do you think about it? Have you tried it?

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  1. Nice color pay-off :)

    Happy Sunday ^^

  2. i am so liking this so much :) nice review.. royal purple is looking just wow to me.

  3. Ohh my God pigmentation is superb..

  4. The purple is right up my alley!

  5. I love my NYX jumbo pencils but these sound amazing! :)

  6. They are beautiful and I would like to invest into them but some other shades. What about charcoal grey and taupe...

  7. Wow Sara, these colours look amazing, these are the exact colours I was going to pick up, love teal and purple, they're great for doing colourful eyelining looks. Thank you so much for the review, now I know I won't be disappointed. xx

  8. very pretty colors! I wish Milani was available in India.. :(

    But you should do some looks with these Sara! Would love to see them.. :)

    1. Yes, I do plan on using these in my looks very soon x

  9. oh wow those look really awesome... way better than the Nars ones I had to quit buying! they sound amazing, great review!

  10. I like the blue, will look great as an eyeliner

  11. aquatic is such a pretty electric is difficult to get such pigmentation with powder eyeshadow so i think i will buy this one to use as a eyeshadow.great review sara.
    PS:i will be forever indebted to u for reviewing loreal hydra fresh aqua gel.i bought it n love love love it.reviewed it n dedicated the post to you :)

    1. Awww.. Thank you so much for the love, means a lot! I am very happy to know you love it too <3

  12. They are sucha steal espcially purple one looks scrumptious to me <3 <3 I so gonna indluge myself for them now , thanks for sharing pretty xoxo

  13. Beautiful colours, they look super pigmented :) x

  14. wow! I love the purple one. Nice review.


  15. Kindly guide me for a good eyeliner pencil that is smudge proof, i tried alot of good brands for it but every liner smudges in my water line.. thanks

    1. Hey Aries, you could check out DMGM Crayon Kohl Pencil or apply gel eye liner to the water line with an eyeliner brush. You could also look for Miss and Mrs. Eyeliner available at local stores out here. :)


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