Luscious Face Case 5 Pc Brush Set – Review

Luscious Face Case 5 Pc Brush Set – Review

Saturday, January 12, 2013 Sara Hassan , 14 Comments

Looking for basic face brushes? Let's have a look at Face Case 5 Pc Brush Set by Luscious Cosmetics.

Luscious Face Case 5 Pc Brush Set
A luxurious set of 5 professional grade Face brushes, all the tools you need for a flawless complexion. This set comes with an easy to clean, yet trendy, quilted pouch. This brush set includes:

- Large Powder Brush: Ultra soft, rounded brush for blending your makeup, applying loose powder or blush. Natural fibres.

- Angled Blush Brush: for applying blush or face contouring. Natural fibres.

- Stippling Brush: A flat-topped brush to create an airbrush-effect on skin. Can be used with powder or liquid products like foundations, shimmers and blush. Mix of synthetic and natural fibres.

- Foundation Brush: For smooth and mess-free application of liquid or cream foundation. Synthetic fibres.

- Double-Ended Concealer Brush: Features a pointed brush for precision concealing of blemishes/marks and a flat brush specially designed for under-eye concealer application. Synthetic fibres.

Luscious Face Case 5 Pc Brush Set
Luscious Face Case 5 Pc Brush Set
Luscious Face Case 5 Pc Brush Set
My thoughts
Before all else, I should say, the 5 piece face case carries the most requisite brushes. The chic casing it comes with is not just travel-friendly but also protects the brushes from losing shape.

About the brushes, well, my favorite has to be the large powder brush. Its round, flat, and multipurpose. The bristles are soft, dense, and could be used to apply powder blush and highlighter. The stippling brush is a total let down truthfully speaking. It’s not dense enough as I expected it to be which makes that airbrush-effect less likely to achieve. Nonetheless, you can still use it to apply pigmented powder blushes. Since I am not a fan of foundation brush, I’d say this one is just ok though I wish it was wider. The angled brush is quite useful for contouring and highlighting the face and I really like it. I am not really impressed with the double-ended concealer brush. In my opinion, it’s thin and small and doesn’t perform as expected. I agree with the precise application part but it fails to achieve that flawless blending that I always look for. On the bright side, the brushes have nice and firm handles though some weight is missing in the large brushes. I did notice slight shedding after washing but it’s nothing to worry about.

Overall, the quality of the brushes is no great shakes with the exception of large powder brush and angled brush. Not to mention, the price is a bit steep in my opinion.

You might like it if...
  • You're looking for essential face brushes
  • You want a good powder brush that's soft, dense and multipurpose
  • You are looking for a contouring brush for precise application
  • You think they are easily available
You might not like it if...
  • You think the stippling brush is not dense enough for that flawless coverage
  • The double-ended concealer brush doesn't help blend the product into skin
  • You think it's pricey
My rating

Luscious Face Case 5 Pc Brush Set is priced PKR 2950. It is available at all leading super stores across Pakistan. You can also order online from their website.

What do you think about it? Have you tried it?

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  1. I own luscious 7 piece brush set and i personally don't like them at all

  2. What I like most about your blog is your honesty to your readers! Though the disclaimer says that it is a PR sample but the review clearly states all pros and cons of the brush set. You're great! <3

  3. Woah, I feel like Luscious has charged way too much as compared to their previous brush sets. Love the entire design and concept though. :)The angled brush is a gorgeous addition.

  4. The only thing good about this set is its quilted pouch...they must release some makeup bags like that.

  5. i'm not so keen on the brushes itself :/

  6. These are looking beautiful... and elegant..:) I hope it should be more dense... but in 2950 we can have good set.. specially for gift...

  7. In this price, one can get Real Techniques core collection which has a very good quality face brushes.

  8. i have been spending money on such brushes for a long time and just a while ago i bought a few sigma brushes, and oh man, i cant even seem to think to look back now!! no doubt, good things may cost you a little more but they do last you a lifelong!!

  9. Totally agree with you !!! They are charging way too much though I like the concept ... Thanks for sharing xx

  10. OMG!.... PKR2950 for 5 'LUSCIOUS' brushes...??? hell No!!!!

  11. thankyou for reviewing this brush set.whenever I went to market and saw this I always thought about getting it but for the price I didn't want to risk it.Thank God I didn't buy it :)

  12. hi sara,
    please do a review on brushes that you would recommend your readers to buy, who don't know how to and what to look for when buying brushes!

  13. Please do a comparison between Luscious brushes and MUA brushes


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