CoverGirl Lash Exact Mascara – Review & swatches

CoverGirl Lash Exact Mascara – Review & swatches

Friday, March 29, 2013 Sara Hassan , 15 Comments

On the hunt for an everyday mascara? Stop right there!

Lash Exact Mascara
Definition + Length.  No clumps on the brush means No Clumps on the lashes, for a Defined and Long lash look!
Removes easily with soap and water
Hypoallergenic & suitable for contact lens wearers
Discard bottle cap. Replace with brush and close cap completely before first use.

CoverGirl Lash Exact Mascara
CoverGirl Lash Exact Mascara
CoverGirl Lash Exact Mascara -- before & after application
My thoughts
In my opinion, it’s a wonderful everyday mascara. It does exactly what it says! It makes no volumizing claims so it’s definitely not for you if you’re expecting dramatic fuller lashes. Some days, I feel going au naturel to work or school. I only put this on along with a concealer and a lip tint. It makes my eyes look awake and I get many compliments on how fresh I look.

If I were to describe it in one word, I’d say ‘neat’. It gives my lashes the right definition without bunching them together which is what I like best about it. The end result I get is crisp, natural and fluttery lashes. It doesn’t add length on the first coat as I was expecting but I am not disappointed because it does lengthen on second coat which is fine by me.

The formula is nice. It’s neither dry nor too wet, doesn’t smudge and sets fairly quickly. Mine says ‘very black’ on it and it’s indeed a rich black. To me, the applicator it comes with is perfect. The bristles actually help separate and coat each lash individually. Also, it’s slender enough to reach lashes in the inner corner of my eyes. I normally apply two coats since I’ve got thin lashes. As previously mentioned, it gives minimum definition on the first coat so for maximum definition and length you should do at least two coats. I’ve been using it a whole lot these days and I haven’t noticed any flaking or smudging issues with it. It also holds the curl throughout the day.

Overall, I am a fan. I can’t emphasize enough how much I love the clump-free finish I get with this. Anybody looking for definition and some length is definitely going to love it. If you’re a volume lover, it’s not for you.

You might like it if…
  • You’re looking for definition and length
  • It makes your lashes look natural and feathery
  • You think the brush helps separate lashes
  • It doesn’t bunch lashes together
  • You expect flake/smudge-free application
You might not like it if…
  • You have thin stubby lashes and you expect volume
  • You expect dramatic lengthening
My rating 

CoverGirl Lash Exact Mascara is priced at PKR 1200 and can be purchased online from Shopaholic.

What do you think about it? Tried it?

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  1. I was really looking for a mascara for everyday use. Very helpful post!

  2. This looks amazing. Will check it out.

  3. Its one of my go tos for everyday use

  4. it def gives tht natural look n is perfect for daily use . Nice review :)

  5. I love the applicator.It is slim and as you said will coat those itsty bitsy lashes on the inner corner which always give me so much trouble.I get black dots on my nose bridge at times.Very clumsy.I am glad it worked for you.Your lashes look great with it,so long and black.Lovely xoxo

  6. Eeeekkkhhh!!! Im loving the color 'Purple' <3 and omg wand is just right in size <3 Indeed a lovely post x

  7. I really like this mascara when i used it ages ago!

  8. The result looks impressive! Great review sara!

  9. Would love it as an everyday mascara, I have lashes similar to yours, I enjoy your mascara reviews :) x

    1. Thanks Marib, I'm sure you'd love it as an everyday mascara :)

  10. I really loved the result. It is really nice that it has a cap which can be helpful for professional use where we need to use disposable wands. Great review..xx

  11. That's an amazing review! Sounds great but I don't h ave the brand

  12. That's a very practical product!

  13. looks great on u :) Nice reg product


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