Hello Glow Rose Dust Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish – Review

Hello Glow Rose Dust Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish – Review

Sunday, March 10, 2013 Sara Hassan , 21 Comments

I gave you guys a little sneak peak of this new product a couple of weeks ago, remember? It got everyone so excited including me since I’m an addict of the Whitening Facial Polish. Yes, I know I keep repeating that but I just can’t help it; I just so LOVE it! Anyway, today I’m going to share my mum’s view on the Rose Dust. Keep on reading for more.

Rose Dust Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish
A luxurious blend of rose petal powder, milk and honey, that glides over skin to cleanse and polish. 100% natural combination of pure rice powder, milk, potato starch, rose petal powder, honey and coconut milk powder.

Roses have been used for centuries in skin care. Rose petals contain carotene, B group vitamins, vitamin C and ascorbic acid. This combination smooths, tones and moisturises skin. Milk contains the exfoliator lactic acid, which gently loosens dead skin. This is combined with rice, which is rich in ceramide to stimulate collagen production and help diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

Coconut milk nourishes the skin and honey acts as a natural humectant, attracting moisture to leave skin smooth and glowing. The rich concentration of Vitamin C in potato starch gently lightens pigmentation and dark circles around the eyes.

Directions for use:
Pour onto wet hands, rub palms together to create a smooth paste, gently massage onto skin for 20 seconds and rinse off with cold water to reveal a radiant complexion.

50 ml.

Hello Glow Rose Dust Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish
Hello Glow Rose Dust Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish
Hello Glow Rose Dust Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish -- Before & After Use (Mum's forehead)
My thoughts
Rose Dust is the latest addition to the Hello Glow family that shares more or less the same ingredients with its sister Hello Glows except for the crushed rose petals I suppose. I’ve been told that these are actual ground rose petals and I absolutely believe that because I can tell it’s real. If you like the scent of rose water, you’d find the aroma of Rose Dust even more uplifting and genuinely pure that instantly brings out a relaxing effect to say the least. Try and you’d know what I mean!

Taking a look at the ingredients, we have rice/milk/coconut-milk powder, cactus honey powder, potato starch, rose petal powder and rose oil. All things mixed together create a concoction that boasts to moisturize, diminish fine lines, even out the skin whilst providing brightening benefits. The powder is finely milled so it pours out without any hassle and feels cushiony soft to the touch. Since the product claims to erase fine lines, I thought it wouldn’t be fair for me to give my opinion on that matter so I gave it to my mum and asked her to report her findings once it’s all used up. She used it for a month religiously and in the meanwhile I could definitely see it working its charm on her skin. With continuous use, her skin got visibly smooth, began to feel softer, and looked healthy and luminous. She told me that it feels very gentle while massaging and moisturizes decently. My mum rarely exfoliates her skin but she found it very easy to stick to the Rose Dust routine since it was quick and she actually enjoyed pampering herself.

From my experience with other Hello Glow products, I knew this would perform well in bringing out a glowing complexion because it contains all the right ingredients to keep the skin supple, soft and radiant (if used twice or thrice a week). What I wasn’t sure of was how precisely it would help in softening the appearance of fine lines. So I’ve done a comparison here with before and after photos where you can notice some fine lines on my mum’s forehead. Well, honestly, I don’t think it has made any difference after a month of use. I just don’t think it’s potent or strong enough to erase fine lines on the face as it claims. However, it may help prevent or delay the appearance of lines if you continue using it. 

I actually really like the packaging this time because it’s different or I would say it’s rather interesting. It’s so cute and girly with some diamante studs that give it a magical feel which makes me want to get it right away! Don't we all love girly packaging?

Overall, Rose Dust is a wonderful product that evens out the skin, gives moisture and restores that youthful glow. Not to mention, one breath of its heavenly scent can calm your mind which is totally addictive. You may not get impressive results if you expect it to erase fine lines or diminish wrinkles but other than that, it's good.

You might like it if…
  • You expect it to instantly polish your dull complexion
  • You expect your skin to feel soft, smooth and supple after use
  • You have a dry/normal/combination/mature skin type
  • You like the mild exfoliation
  • You can appreciate it lightens dark spots/blemishes
  • You’re looking for a 100% natural skin polishing product
  • You expect it to even out your skin tone with continuous use
  • You adore the soothing rosy aroma that lingers
You might not like it if…
  • You expect it to erase fine lines/diminish wrinkles
  • You find it expensive for the quantity
  • You expect the glow to remain for a long time.
My rating

Hello Glow Rose Dust Anti-aging Facial Cleansing Polish (50ml) is priced at £4.99 and can be purchased online from Rose Link UK with free UK delivery. If you live in Pakistan, you can purchase it from Just4girls.pk or Beauty Arena for PKR 650. The full-sized product (100ml) costs PKR 1500.

What do you think it? Have you tried it out yet?

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  1. crush rose petal sounds good.. i think i need this .. nice review

  2. Okay, i have been using it for 3 weeks now, and at first its very moisturizing but after 10 minutes, my skin feels tight and dry. The key feature of anti aging products is to provide moisture.
    Judging by your your mum's before and after pics aren't her lines more visible after?

    1. You see the enhanced lines because of the glow. It hasn't become more visible; it's the same. :) xx

  3. sara hello glow has three products which 1 u suggest gives the good result

    1. As mentioned above, I personally love the Whitening Facial Polish. xx

  4. ill try the whitening facial polish inshaaAllah soon :)thnxx for the review

  5. Well,the very petite brown spots are gone for sure.Also I can see some shine.Very honest review I must say.Thankyou for sharing sara.Great job as always.xoxo

  6. Great review ... Sara in your last haul, you said you are into skin care products ... Can you suggest some products (by any brand or any particular brand), which should be used regularly. Please do a detailed post.

  7. This sounds great! crushed rose petals means it must have a lovely scent :)

  8. More then anything else I love the packaging. I've got mine couple of days ago looking forward to try it out. Thanks for sharin Sara <3

  9. Hello Glow never stops amazing me! I am a fan of their products. Thanks for the nice review.

  10. It's certainly made the skin look more polished and glowy. Thanks for the review:) xx

  11. I have to try out this range! Im looking for a good exfoliator, this seems like a good one.

  12. hy sara , m using it n i sooo love it :)

  13. Hi Sara,I just want to ask what if I get derma roller on my face, does it tighten skin and gives glow

    1. Hey Areej, I haven't tried it so can't give any opinion about it. You can google for reviews as I'm sure that would help :) xx

  14. it dried my sking been using it for weeks


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