Sleek MakeUP Flick It Eyeliner – Review & swatches

Sleek MakeUP Flick It Eyeliner – Review & swatches

Saturday, March 30, 2013 Sara Hassan , 17 Comments

Being able to create bold and crisp cat-eyes is every girl’s dream. Read more to find out what I think about these.

Flick It Eyeliner
FLICK IT’s precision felt tip allows for a smooth and controlled application, from feline flicks to kitten ticks, the timeless liquid eyeliner is one of the most versatile weapons on the beauty scene, capable of creating countless different eye looks.

From bold and fine lines to geometric shapes FLICK IT will create a look to make your eyes pop!

Available in 3 shades:
Royal Blue (Limited Edition)
Purple Aura (Limited Edition)
Dazzling Black

Sleek MakeUP Flick It Eyeliner
Sleek MakeUP Flick It Eyeliner
Sleek MakeUP Flick It Eyeliner (L-R): Royal Blue, Purple Aura & Dazzling Black
My thoughts
If you’ve just started wearing makeup and don’t know how to apply your eyeliner precisely, you should definitely begin with a marker or pencil eyeliner first for it provides control and ease of application.

This product promises precision and control which I believe is true. The felt tip applicator makes eye lining a child’s play. Also, the nib is flexible enough to apply at any angle without skipping. My initial thoughts about it (which was around two month ago) were quite positive. At that time, the pigmentation was reasonably good – required at least three swipes to get fully opaque - it set quickly and didn’t budge the whole day. I didn’t notice any flaking or smudging however it did lose some intensity upon contact with water. Given that it’s a marker eyeliner, I knew it was prone to drying out but I wasn’t expecting it would dry out this quick. It’s been just two months since I’ve got these and they don’t offer consistent color pay off even if I do multiple layers. In case you’re wondering, I’ve kept the caps tightly closed and in fact, I’ve just used them two or three times so I don’t know why or what made them dry out so fast. Perhaps the formula is to be blamed; it has dried and now it just seems to rub off when I go over my lines.

All things considered, I’m disappointed. This is the actually the shortest shelf-life I've experienced from a marker eyeliner up till now. I find them all to be gorgeous shades for everyday wear but you can probably just get a month worth of use out of them. Sleek MakeUP really need to change the formula.

You might like it if...
  • You use it up within two months
  • You don't mind layering
  • You find the shades wearable
  • You expect a semi-matte finish
You might not like it if...
  • You expect a long shelf-life
  • They dry out fast
  • You expect it to be water-proof
  • You think the pigment doesn't get on smooth and skips after some time
My rating


Sleek MakeUP Flick It Eyeliner comes with a price tag of $7.49 and can be purchased online from Sleek MakeUP's website here.

So what do you think about it? Will you be picking them up?

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  1. its such a shame that it dried out that quick! The ones I've used last for about 6 month atleast. The colours are gorgeous though!
    hareem x

  2. it is so disappointment but colors really attracted me

  3. I really love the shades but they are surely not up to the mark!

  4. oooh thats a pity.I thought finally i was going to know about an eyeliner which stays all day and is easy to use too but short life is a total turn off for me :( great swatches.

  5. love teh colors but thanks for the honest review :)

  6. I have been using the DMGM marker (in black) for like a year and it hasn't dried up yet - its like my to-go eyeliner for work or casual evening get togethers since its less dramatic than a liquid eye liner and convenient & precise to apply .. use it once in 2-3 days ..
    i have been reading about marker eye liners drying up quickly but I am so glad that it still hasn't (fingers crossed now :) ) ..

  7. The blue one looks pretty, not so sure about the purple looks almost black. Thanks for sharing!

  8. i m using the color pro marker n love it really!These shades are gorgeous though.

  9. Aww..i was gonna try em coz of nice shadez! ! buhh pitty

  10. I had the worst experience with their twist up eyeliner, it was greasy and smudged all over! I think sleek are best for face products only.

  11. Hi Sara can u please recommend me a eye liner that is not that expensive and good for SENSITEV eyes?

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Michelle, I'm afraid I can't suggest any since I myself don't have sensitive eyes so I've no clue as to what actually would work for you however you can google for it as I'm sure that would help :) xx

  12. Wow, the shades are so rich. <3 I am gonna put these on my wishlist. Thanks for great swatches xx


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