Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes Faux Cils – Review

Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes Faux Cils – Review

Friday, April 12, 2013 Sara Hassan , 12 Comments

Fancy long, thick sexy lashes?

Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes – Review
Sleek MakeUP’s new range of false lashes pays homage to feline beauty with eight different lashes in the collection. Each pair has a unique style with lashings of individuality! Formulated from natural fibres that lends a soft feel and finish.

Each pair comes with lash adhesive for easy, effective application.

Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes
Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes -- Bengal
Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes -- Rag Doll
Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes -- Persian
Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes -- Sphynx
Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes -- Burmilla
Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes -- Siamese
Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes -- Russian Blue
Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes -- Savannah
My thoughts
To start off, the eyelashes are made of real hair and feel very light when worn. I noticed that most of them have a thick lash band which makes bending and applying a bit of a struggle. I like the fact that all eyelashes come with a lash adhesive. The adhesive dries fast so I advise you to apply lashes real quick. Plus it takes about five minutes for the adhesive to dry clear completely.

While I am glad Sleek MakeUP came out with false lashes, I personally think most of them are a bit too long for my liking. If you’re someone who fancies super long, thick lashes, then these are definitely for you.
Rag Doll and Burmilla are my favorite of the bunch. Click to see how Russian Blue and Rag Doll look on me.

You might like it if…
  • You expect it look natural; made with real hair
  • It feels lightweight
  • You are looking for lashes with extra length and volume
  • The lashes are reusable 
You might not like it if…
  • Bending the band to apply on the lash line is a struggle
  • The lash adhesive dries fast on the lash band.
  • You think the lashes are a bit too long for your taste
My rating

Sleek MakeUP Eyelashes Faux Cils comes with a price tag of $5.41and can be purchased online from Sleek MakeUP's website here.

What do you think about it? Have you tried it yet?

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  1. I think the local Artmatic lashes look more natural and are easy to work with. If you haven't tried those, do try them. xx

  2. I was wondering about your lashes in the Senna cosmetic post :-D .Look very very pretty on you masha Allah .sound great will def try them.thankyou so much for sharing.

  3. Those look cool but false lashes and me .... Do not work lol!

  4. Awww!!! I'm so much into false lashes these days <3 I'm loving them x

  5. falsies always fascinates.. so we can expect many looks with these lashes sara?

  6. I was sooo close to ordering a few the last time i put in a sleek order! What appeals to me is Sphinx and siamese the most!

  7. I am not into false lashes, first I have long lashes MA, then the application process seems a hectic job to me :p Thanks for this post the lashes are beautiful and the variety is good:)suites u well MA

  8. I don't know how dramatic they'd look but some of these are really, really gorgeous! x

  9. wow great review was waiting for this! <3
    ragdoll is my fav aswell..:)

  10. You look beautiful wearing Russian Blue MashaAllah! :)
    About the lashes, I doubt they all would come handy because you might not want to or get to wear all of them. BTW are they reusable or just one-time wear?

    1. Hey Masooma! Thanks. Yes, these are reusable. :)


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