Luscious Artist Ink Gel Eyeliner in Midnight Ink – Review & swatches

Luscious Artist Ink Gel Eyeliner in Midnight Ink – Review & swatches

Saturday, June 08, 2013 Sara Hassan , 20 Comments

The first thing I look for in a gel eyeliner is ease of use. While this eyeliner may not be very application-friendly, it certainly delivers in terms of being truly a waterproof/smudge-proof product.

Artist Ink Gel Eyeliner
An ultra smooth gel eyeliner with a deep, inky intensity that sets quickly to a waterproof finish for 24 hour wear.

Each shade comes with a FREE double-ended brush featuring a fine liner brush on one side and a soft liner brush on the other, to unleash the artist in you. Create a smoky effect or a sharp line for on-trend eyeliner looks.

How to Apply:
Apply by dipping the desired side of the brush into the gel, making sure the brush is coated evenly. Apply in short quick strokes starting from the inner corner of the eye. Wipe the brush clean before storing.

Ophthalmologist Tested
Luscious Artist Ink Gel Eyeliner in Midnight Ink
Luscious Artist Ink Gel Eyeliner in Midnight Ink
Luscious Artist Ink Gel Eyeliner in Midnight Ink
Luscious Artist Ink Gel Eyeliner in Midnight Ink - swatch
Luscious Artist Ink Gel Eyeliner in Midnight Ink - applied
My thoughts
I am not entirely content with the product because for me, gel-based eyeliners are supposed to glide on effortlessly in a single stroke without having to tug or pull. This one however doesn’t quite hit the mark. The formula is hard to work with and lacks that creaminess of a gel eyeliner. In addition to that, I don't find it very pigmented on the first swipe. It requires multiple strokes for maximum intensity and while I do that, I see that the second coat rubs off the first which really puts me off. You won’t get a jet-black with this but it surely looks deep enough after application.

When I first applied it, I noticed that it set very quickly as it claims to and once it set, it didn't budge an inch. I am amazed at how long-lasting and truly water-proof it is. However, you can achieve that smouldry eyeliner look if you wish to smudge it but you'd have to be quick at that. Good thing is, it comes with a dual-ended brush applicator to help you achieve both a crisp and smudgy line. Besides, it stays put on my waterline which is terrific.

Though I am satisfied with the quantity, I am not sure if it would last you a long time because the composition is already on the dry side which is why I don't think it's good value for money. Overall, it’s not the best gel eyeliner out there but it's not the worst one either. That being said, the formulation definitely needs some improvement.

You might like it if…
  • You’re looking for a water-proof  gel eyeliner
  • You expect it to stay put on your waterline
  • It comes with a dual-ended brush to help you achieve two different effects: crisp & smudgy
  • It comes in other shades too
You might not like it if…
  • It’s not easy to apply as the formula is hard to work with
  • You need multiple coats for maximum intensity
  • You think the second coat rubs off the first
  • You don't find it good value for money
My rating

Luscious Artist Ink Gel Eyeliner in Midnight Ink comes with a price tag of PKR 895 and can be purchased online from the website. You can also purchase it from  Luscious Cosmetics can be found at all leading super stores across the country.

What do you think about it? Have you tried it out yet?

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  1. Masha'ALLAH perfectly applied :) xx

  2. Before reading the review, the picture of gel liner clearly said what was coming in your review. I think Essence Gel liner is a better option. Good review. x

    1. I have not tried the Luscious one yet but I have the Essence Midnight in Paris and it is really good. I hope it does not dry out too soon as I fear it will in this dry season. :(

  3. For the price, it should deliver more! I like how it comes with a double ended brush though! :)

  4. Grt u jst nt tell the advantages bt the disadvantages too thats an honest review :)

  5. WOW! Great post! I love the way you did your eye makeup.Gel liners always dry up so fast, the only thing I like about them..but the effect is so smooth and soft! Thanks for nice review <3

  6. You have applied the liner perfectly Sara, I love your beautiful eyes!!

  7. you perfectly described its performance... Great review.

  8. I actually screamed with joy when I found these beautiful new products by Luscious in my local cosmetics store, however the testers that were present their were all dried up. I wish Luscious works a bit on the formula of the product. Love the way you applied your eyemakeup for this post! xx

  9. Wow you applied it perfectly :0

  10. Wow Lovd your EOTD Sara it is perfect Nice and Detailed Review :)

  11. This review gave me the exact idea of what it's like, excellent job!

  12. this one is def not going to have a long life.looks dry already.great post sara.Love the photo where you have applied it .stay blessed and keep posting awesome posts <3

  13. if it doesnt glide on.. not my thing.. thanks for the review :)

  14. Looks pretty impressive!! Great review sara!

  15. I wouldve liked this to work since I liked the navy blue but there are so many better options out there..cheaper ones too!

  16. sorry it didn't work for you... I found it very good yes one has to be quick with this one but gives me great pigments in first swipe
    Thanks for an honest review:)

  17. As Salam Alaikum


    You apply eye liner perfectly! Could please do a post on ways to apply eyeliner perfectly THANKYOU!:)


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