Artdeco Skin Perfecting Make-up Base Silicone-free – Review

Artdeco Skin Perfecting Make-up Base Silicone-free – Review

Tuesday, July 09, 2013 Sara Hassan , 15 Comments
I've seen people who complain that a silicone-based primer doesn't suit them. Some say it breaks them out while some seem to have sensitivity to it. Given that there aren't any silicone-free primers available locally, I was pretty excited to try this one out.

Skin Perfecting Makeup Base
Foundation primer with a skin-smoothing effect. The Skin Perfecting Makeup Base has a ultra-light, gel texture that goes onto the skin like a delicate silk veil. It creates an ideal foundation for long-lasting makeup. The mattifying, serum-like texture with special polymers smooths the complexion, enhancing it's appearance, refines pores, fills out fine lines and wrinkles and does not dry out the skin. Vitamin E and a special mineral complex nourishes the skin. Suitable for any skin type, even sensitive.

Free of fragrances, silicon and parabens.

How to apply?
Apply from the centre of the face outwards in light upward motions with your fingers.
Artdeco Skin Perfecting Make-up Base
Artdeco Skin Perfecting Make-up Base
Artdeco Skin Perfecting Make-up Base
Artdeco Skin Perfecting Make-up Base
 Artdeco Skin Perfecting Make-up Base Silicone-free
My thoughts
I quite liked this product the first time I tried it. I loved how feather-light it felt on my skin and didn’t add any extra oil to my T-zone by the end of the day. My sister, who has an oily skin, experienced the same but she noticed something really off-putting that I had inadvertently missed – the pilling. The next time I put it, I observed closely and I did notice tiny balls rolled up near my forehead and mouth. I didn’t use too much (just a pea-size for the entire face) neither did I wear any moisturizer beneath it. I thought perhaps it won’t happen if I avoid using fingers for applying foundation but to no avail. However, applying with a kabuki brush didn’t cause makeup to ball up as badly as with fingers. I also let it sink in for ten minutes before wearing foundation but that didn't help much though it wasn't as bad this time. I figured the best way you could prevent that is to not let it ‘set’ because it forms an invisible film which flakes off upon applying makeup if it’s dried completely, if that makes any sense.

The product claims to enhance skin’s appearance, fill out fine lines/wrinkles and refine pores. Quite frankly, I don’t think it does any of that. It doesn’t perfect pores like a silicone primer would but what’s good is that it doesn’t leave your skin with a suffocating feel which makes it comfortable to use on everyday basis. Plus, it doesn’t clog pores (which stimulates sebum production) so I’ve had absolutely no breakouts with it. It’s not truly fragrance-free as I can detect a mild alcohol-like scent but it fades away fairly quickly.

As you can see, it’s almost a transparent gel so it doesn’t pass on any tint to the skin. Initially, it feels a bit tacky with a slight glow on my skin but soon as it sets, it doesn’t feel that way. But as I mentioned earlier, I don’t let it set and start applying my foundation immediately while it’s still a little wet and finish off with light dusting of setting powder. Since it's not a silicone primer, obviously I don’t get that silky slip but I do see my foundation clings onto it a bit better than bare skin. If used correctly, this primer does seem to work as a binding medium between your skin and the foundation hence stretch the wear time by a few extra hours but nothing dramatic.

Even though it says it’s suitable for all skin types, I don’t think it’s a good choice for those with dry to normal skin type since it doesn't really moisturize. Also, because it turns semi-matte after a while, it may give a taut feeling to dry skin. I have no complaints about the packaging; the pump works well and dispenses the exact quantity you’d require.

Taking everything into account, I’d say this is an okay primer because it doesn’t do much for pores and fine lines which is sad because it doesn’t feel like an extra layer underneath my foundation which I love about it. Plus, you'd need to work with it in a specific manner to avoid foundation from balling up. On the other hand, it could actually work as a decent base for anyone with combination/oily skin sensitive to silicone or someone who breaks out with silicone-based primers. Whether you’d like it or not totally depends on how you use it and what you expect from it. Nonetheless, it doesn't entirely live up to its name.

You might like it if...
  • You have combination to oily skin type
  • It feels light & comfortable on the skin
  • It doesn't clog pores/cause breakouts
  • It helps improve the wear of your foundation 
  • Your skin is sensitive to silicone-based primers
  • You find the pump bottle hygienic & comfortable to use 
You might not like it if...
  • You have dry to normal skin type
  • You expect it to minimize the look of pores
  • You expect it to blur fine lines/wrinkles
  • You apply foundation over it & it flakes off
  • You apply too much product
  • You expect it to control oil/mattify 
My rating


Artdeco Skin Perfecting Make-up Base costs PKR 1790 and can be purchased from leading superstores. Join Artdeco Pakistan on Facebook to get the latest updates. Folks abroad can buy it online from

What do you think about it? Have you tried it?

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  1. Haven't heard of this brand.. sounds a dud!! Nice review :)

  2. Sounds good for normal/dry skin. Great review Sara!!

  3. Do review more Artdeco products. :)

  4. I use ,ua undress your skin primer! You should try that, its a definitie bargain :)

  5. Great review, learnt so much! Thanks Sara! :)

  6. i use the body shop vitamin c boost.. it acts as a good primer :)

  7. Ugh this happened to me with smash box!

  8. Sounds good for my oily skin! I use a Too Faced primer right now, and I also have two Smashbox primers.

  9. Aww wish it could work a little better with the pores,Nice review though! :) xx

  10. Oh that's a pity, I got really impressed with the packaging from your first picture. x

  11. Didn't know about this brand..

  12. Sounds like a bummer for the oily skinned gals. Thanks for the honest and detailed review!

  13. Nice review sara.. Definitly a no no for me

  14. That is way too expensive for how it performs. You should seriously try the Palladio Herbal Primer, it's amazing and costs Rs. 800 only. xx


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