Bourjois Intuitive Liner – Review & swatches

Bourjois Intuitive Liner – Review & swatches

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 Sara Hassan , 20 Comments

This product takes me back to my under-grad drawing classes. I remember studying pointillism and creating drawings simply by dotting on the canvas. With Intuitive Liner, you follow the same technique to line your eyes giving your lashes some definition.

Intuitive Liner
3-end felt-tip lash enhancer to give your lashes extra length and definition. Discover a new, revolutionary way to line your eyes and enhance your lashes! Inspired by the famous art technique of ‘dotting’ (pointillisme), the intuitive liner forms a dotted, fine and intense line in 1 easy, fail proof application.

Special tip: Simply tap the triple-pointed liner along the lash line in a successive “dotting” motion. Each black dot will make your lashes look extra long and give them more definition!

No risk of overlapping or wobbly lines!

Bourjois Intuitive Liner
Bourjois Intuitive Liner
Bourjois Intuitive Liner - Swatch
Bourjois Intuitive Liner - Before & After Application
My thoughts
For starters, the pigmentation isn’t as intense as I had hoped for. I imagined it to be as concentrated as Merle Norman Pro Pen Eyeliner so I am a bit disappointed. It’s not a one-swipe thing (or might I say a one-dot thing). I need to mark/layer multiple times for deep black dots. The triple-pointed tip is firm but flexible enough to avoid skipping and dragging thus allowing for smooth and precise application. I am pleased with the wear time, once set, it doesn’t fade, smudge or come off during the day.

I like the concept of dotting over my lash line and I noticed that it does define my lashes but no matter how much I try, the end result appears to be nothing but messy dots all over which is frustrating. This isn’t your regular marker eyeliner where you simply drag the tip across the lash line but that does not mean you can’t use it like that. For my part, I prefer standard solid line application over pointillism with this – it's much easier and neat that way.

You can achieve the no-liner effect with it but truthfully speaking, I’d rather tight line my eyes with a creamy pencil or gel eyeliner for thickening and defining my lashes; it’s as simple as that. So why pay for this? Honestly, I don’t see the point of purchasing it but if you’re a beginner with shaky hands, this could be your best friend.

If it were just a regular marker eye liner, I'd have given it more points but since I review products taking product description and claims into account so I am going to rate it in line with that.

You might like it if…
  • You want to achieve a no-liner look
  • It adds volume and definition to your lashes
  • It has a decent wear time
  • You have shaky hands and expect precise application
  • You follow the regular solid line application
You might not like it if…
  • The pigmentation isn’t intense
  • You need to mark multiple times for intense black dots
  • You’d rather tight line instead of using this
My rating

Bourjois Intuitive Liner is priced at PKR 1100 and can be purchased from superstores nationwide. You can also purchase it online from Folks abroad can purchase it for £6.99 from, and

What do you think about it? Have you tried it?

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  1. Ohh, I think this is a really cool product..
    Would love to try it!
    Thank you for the review Sara!


  2. its really very pigmented nyc post thanks for sharing :)

  3. For the price and pigmentation, I think we have a lot of marker pens and much affordable.
    Great review x

  4. i think this product is more amazing for lower lash-line

  5. I initially thought this was something revolutionary but after reading your review I agree that I'd prefer a pen liner over this! :) xo

  6. I love the last picture where you applied a solid line! Wish the pigmentation could be more intense. xx

  7. Looks promising..but even I would prefer genuine pen liners over this!

  8. nicely reviewed. and i agree its better to simply tight-line than keep playing with this, especially if one is in hurry.

  9. it works for me as it doesn't have intense pigment.
    Sara i m waiting for the neutrogena hair masque review....when are you gonna review it?

  10. It looks great Sara and happy Ramadan!

  11. I don't think it's for me, it's not über black and looks hard to get used to, opposed to a brush. but great review!

  12. i think its a nice product for the people with shaky hands like me.....

  13. Lovely Review Sara :) Seems a good eye liner

  14. I like the 3 pointy thingy but for the price and pigmentaion i would definitly pass.. Great review sara :)

  15. bourjois is one of my fav brand and i have been meaning to try an eyeliner from them. Have you tried their clubbing eyeliners?

  16. i think this is a good liner for beginner and also for them who's hands shake

  17. This idea didnt really click me. I am very happy with my regular liner and mascara. Thanks for the nice review :)

  18. This wont be my thing as i already love CSP marker

  19. Oh too bad, the concept is genial but something is missing...
    The pigamentation isn't great, I can still see some point in the solid line :(
    By the way, it looks fun, could it be use for something else? Like nail designs if it doesn't smear with the top coat!
    Have a nice day

  20. I love your honesty in this review, sounds like a real waste of money. Tight lining with pencil is seriously easier.


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