Color Studio Pro Pure Matt Lipstick – Review & swatches

Color Studio Pro Pure Matt Lipstick – Review & swatches

Saturday, August 03, 2013 Sara Hassan , 24 Comments

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with matte lipsticks. I love how it stays longer than other formulas however I find the drying and flaking by the end of the day part utterly insufferable.

Pure Matt Lipstick
Color Studio Professional debuts the Pure Matt Moisturizing Lipsticks perfect for the summer, off-the-runway fashion season. The range boosts all the nourishment of a moisturizing lipstick in 28 versatile matt shades, ideal for recreating runway looks both day and night.

The high-performance lipstick formula is fused with a blend of Bamboo Extract, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. The unique Shea Butter moisture complex provides a creamy, non-drying, long-lasting color to indulge the lips. The velvety-smooth texture enriched with Bamboo Extract provides an emollient and soothing action to protect and hydrate the lips. Vitamin E eases the application of the lipstick by providing anti-aging and anti radical action for smooth and supple lips.

Color Studio Pro Pure Matt Lipstick
Color Studio Pro Pure Matt Lipstick
Color Studio Pro Pure Matt Lipstick (Top-Bottom): Allure, Fairytale, La Rouge & Persian Red
Color Studio Pro Pure Matt Lipstick (Left-Right): Allure, Fairytale, La Rouge & Persian Red
Color Studio Pro Pure Matt Lipstick Swatches (Left-Right): Allure, Fairytale, La Rouge & Persian Red
Color Studio Pro Pure Matt Lipstick - Allure (lip balm applied underneath)
Color Studio Pro Pure Matt Lipstick -Fairytale (lip balm applied underneath)
Color Studio Pro Pure Matt Lipstick - La Rouge (lip balm applied underneath)
Color Studio Pro Pure Matt Lipstick - Persian Red (lip balm applied underneath)
My thoughts
Pure Matt lipsticks come in a black square tube with golden rim in the middle. It comes nicely packed in a drawer-like box packaging which is very cool. The first thing that you notice after opening the tube is the vanilla ice-cream scent – delicious!

I’ve got four shades: Allure, Fairytale, La Rouge and Persian Red. Allure is a peach pink with micro silver shimmer that doesn’t show up but highlights my lips beautifully. When compared with MAC Freckletone which is a muted peach nude, it appears pinker. It’s the kind of nude that will flatter most Pakistani skin tones. Fairytale is is a cool-toned pink. It’s a lovely wearable color but might look off on warm yellow skin. But if you have warm peachy undertone leaning towards neutral (like I do) or cool complexion for that matter, this will show up wonderfully. La Rouge is a hot fuchsia pink. When compared with Illamasqua Eurydice, it appears deeper and warmer. Eurydice on the other hand is quite bright and unforgiving. Persian red is a gorgeous fire-engine red – perfect for our medium skin tones. It’s a blue-based red; the one that makes your teeth appear white.

All colors are super pigmented. The lipstick doesn’t appear dead matte on me. It reflects a bit of light and my lips seem hydrated though that’s not actually the case. It says it has shea butter and it seems to put on smoothly at first but after a while, it dries out my lips so bad. In addition to that, it enhances my lip lines so I highly suggest wearing a lip balm beneath to prevent dryness. Matte formulas last much longer on my lips and so does these but the part that I do not like is the uneven fading and crumbling on the inner corner of my lips. It actually looks pretty bad.

For the most perfect, flake-free application, I suggest blotting the first coat of lipstick with a tissue and then applying the next coat with a lip brush. Not only it will help your lipstick stay longer but will also prevent any crumbling issues and make your lipstick fade evenly. Even if you do not apply a second coat and blot off the first, it gives a nice rich tint to your lips which is in fact very fitting for daily wear.

Over all, I like these. Pure Matte lipsticks come in 28 shades. The collection is incredible and contemporary. There’s one for everyone. I’ve always considered Color Studio Pro to be an excellent budget-friendly brand but this time, I am a little disappointed in the pricing. I just wish the cost were more reasonable for the mass.

You might like it if…
  • You expect rich pigmentation
  • It goes on smooth upon application
  • You expect a long wear out of these
  • It comes in a huge array of shades to choose from
  • You apply it with a lip brush or blot off the excess
You might not like it if…
  • It dries out your lips
  • It begins to crumble and fade unevenly
  • You think it emphasizes lip lines
My rating

Color Studio Pro Pure Matt Lipstick  comes with a price tag of PKR 750 and can be purchased online from their website. The brand is also available at all leading stores nationwide. You could also purchase online from and Catch Color Studio Professional on Facebook to stay updated.

What do you think about it? Have you tried it yet?

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  1. great review sarah i love matte lipsticks and allure is super pretty :)

  2. Thanks Sara for a detailed review and total guidline for its application.

  3. I tried these :/ The colors are delicious but drys too much. Was quite bummed cause I really wanted to get it. Sigh

  4. really love la rougue and persian red! those colors are intenseeee <3

  5. Allure is lovely and all the shades are pretty <3

  6. I got myself one as soon as these were released! I totally agree with the drying part, you better not skip your lipbalm with these :) xx

  7. I guess i would try Fairytale:)osum swatches

  8. pretty shades, Persian Red is a surprise shade hmmm... but a bit expensive if we keep in view our expectations from color studio pro...and nice review!

  9. Oh I lurrvve persian red and allure! Love how they look on your lips :D <3 <3

  10. lovely.Dont you thikn Persian red sounds and looks alot like RUSSIAN RED by MAC :P It looks the prettiest on you.Love the whole lot but you are right they are pricey.

  11. CSP has done a good job with the packaging even though I'm not a gold lover. Fairytale does really suit you! :) x

  12. All the colors are pretty. Persian Red looks so vampy in the tube, but looks amazing on you. And, you're right about crumbling in the corner.I noticed the similar thing with the light shade. x

  13. Since i apply lip balm under everything, this wasnt a hassle for me. Looove these! Im already starting to collect lots haha

  14. I was attracted by the colours and checked them out. The formula was so dry I gave up.

  15. LOVE this review! La Rouge is to die for xx

  16. One thing that didn't like about these lipsticks is,they leaves tint behind which I personaly dont like. And yes lip balm is a must with these bad girls :p lovely review xx

  17. LE rouge is on my wishlist . I can't wait to get my hands on it . It looks pretty on you <3

  18. i tried one of these at naheed super market and like u said it enhanced lines on my lips and felt like i hv applied dry paint on my lips and obv. the price... i like there color rush range!

  19. They look gorgeous! Interesting that there's a glossy finish to your swatches even though they're called 'matte' - is it glossy in person?

    1. Hey Jen, I've mentioned that I used a lip balm underneath. On their own they're pretty matte. :) xx

    2. Hi ! I saw csp lipstick on just4 Girls website . Is these lipstick available in uk or just in pakistan.If u know anything about it let me know , coz I really like this lipstick

    3. Hey Sara, as far as I know, CSP isn't available in the UK at the moment. :) x


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