My MAC Lipstick Collection – Swatches

My MAC Lipstick Collection – Swatches

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 Sara Hassan , 35 Comments

I love lipsticks! Till now, I have managed to hoard six MAC lipsticks and intend to get more in the coming months. Since many of you requested that I share swatches of my lipsticks so I decided to post.

Firstly, MAC is expensive in Pakistan. A lipstick that is priced at $15 in the U.S costs us around PKR 2700 ($25). I usually get MAC lipsticks from Agha’s which sells it for PKR 2695 – a bit overpriced I know – though for some reason, I still keep going back to that place. Maybe because it’s near my home so it’s quite convenient for me to pop by and pick up whatever I like.

Anyway, recently I stumbled upon this Facebook page Rouge. They’re selling a MAC lipstick for an incredible price – PKR 2150. I have bought a few things from the store and was totally satisfied with my purchase. They offered to me try a MAC lipstick (which the owner gets directly from the U.S). I can totally stick up for this page. Yep! It’s original in case you’re wondering. Be sure to check out the page.

I will keep updating the post soon as I buy more of these. For reference, I am NC30 in Mac.
MAC Lipstick: Freckletone (Lustre)
MAC Lipstick: Freckletone (Lustre) - Swatch
MAC Lipstick: Freckletone (Lustre) - Applied
MAC Freckletone
It’s described as a neutral peach on the website with lustre finish. Love the shade, not so happy with the finish. It’s sheer and I like pigmentation so you know why I am not a fan. It looks fantastic when paired with deep brown smoky eyes.

MAC Lipstick: Blankety (Amplified Creme)
MAC Lipstick: Blankety (Amplified Creme) - Swatch
MAC Lipstick: Blankety (Amplified Creme) - Applied
MAC Blankety
Blankety is a soft beige pink – my most used nude lipstick. It’s an amplified crème which provides full coverage and lasts longer on me than Freckletone. On its own, the shade looks very bland on me but with black smoky eyes, it instantly turns me from plain Jane to a Hollywood hottie.

MAC Lipstick: Angel (Frost)
MAC Lipstick: Angel (Frost) - Swatch
MAC Lipstick: Angel (Frost) - Applied
MAC Angel
Described as a soft pink, Angel is a frost finish. It doesn’t look like other frost lipsticks. Again, since it’s a nude too, I can’t pull it off alone unless I am wearing heavy eye makeup. My little sister who happens to be a tone or two lighter than me doesn't agree – she’s probably NC20 or 25 and I’m NC30 in MAC. She thinks she can wear it alone and it doesn’t appear to wash out her face.

MAC Lipstick: Ravishing (Cremesheen)
MAC Lipstick: Ravishing (Cremesheen) - Swatch
MAC Lipstick: Ravishing (Cremesheen) - Applied
MAC Ravishing
Ravishing is a cremesheen and described as a clean light peachy coral by MAC. Cremesheen is my favorite finish – it has an excellent pigmentation and texture. I love pairing this up with MAC blush in peaches; it looks so gorgeous.

MAC Lipstick: Crosswires (Cremesheen)
MAC Lipstick: Crosswires (Cremesheen) - Swatch
MAC Lipstick: Crosswires (Cremesheen) - Applied
MAC Crosswires
WOW! Where have you been all my life? So regret not buying it sooner but glad I finally got it. Crosswires a beautiful pink coral – bright and wearable at the same time. It looks so good against my skin tone. It’s probably one of the best shades ever!

MAC Lipstick: Chatterbox (Amplified Creme)
MAC Lipstick: Chatterbox (Amplified Creme) - Swatch
MAC Lipstick: Chatterbox (Amplified Creme) - Applied
MAC Chatterbox
Chatterbox, a bright slightly cool pink, is an amplified crème. I normally keep my distance from blue based pinks since it doesn’t go with my warm complexion but this one proved me wrong. I’ve gotta say, it looks fabulous and I am fan!

Are you a MAC Lipstick fan? Which are your favorites?


  1. totally in love with girl about town, do check it out as well!

  2. I find all the shades are very gorgeous on you Sara <3 :) Lovely swatches..

  3. I have my eye on Crosswires and Ravishing. I swatched so many at the MAC counter, and yet my eye kept lingering on these two. Lovely swatches as always, Sara!

  4. lovely! :) i have So Chaud, Coral Bliss and Korean Candy.. the best lipstics i have ever had :)

  5. angel frost is amazing .. <3 lovely Sara !!

  6. Love this post! Somehow Mac collection posts are always my favourite! Nice collection! ^_^

    Crosswires and Ravishing look really good on you! :)

  7. many MAC lipsticks... i loved chatterbox and crosswire...nice collection Sara

  8. crosswires looks great on you! I wanna try blankety, looking for the perfect nude for myself! xx

  9. Freckletone and Blankety are gorgeous. I have Angel and I love it x

  10. MAC plumful is next in my list.. i have 2 so far =D and wow crosswires is beautiful, I always thought it would be too orange on me but it looks beautiful on you

  11. I NEEEDDD Crosswires in my life hahah! I wanted atleast one of the Retro Mattes collection but I suppose I'll have to wait for some other collection now! Also love how Ravishing looks on you! <3

  12. Your swatches are so wonderful !!!

  13. Dear where from you buy these Mac lipstick

  14. Chatterbox and Crosswires are such gorgeous shades. xx

  15. loved all the shades...nd im ur new follower!

  16. My favorites are Ruby Woo and Rebel, but I have on my wishlist: Hue, Russian Red, Girl About Town, Impassioned, Lady Danger, etc, etc, etc! :))

  17. I like Crosswires... Though they all seem very sheer.. that or the lighting.

  18. lovely shades! its really hard to choose 1

  19. Crosswire and ChatterBox... wow nice swatches and thanks for referring to a trusted store, Now I may add MAC to my stash and life lolz...

  20. Chatterbox is LOVE, and my fav. My next purchase has to be crosswires. They both look pretty on you. Lovely collection x

  21. I have ravishing and love this shade.. its soft feminine and looks beautiful

  22. Looks amazing but you price is too much considering you get them for just Rs.990 in
    India, which makes it around 1700 pkr!

    Anyways, awesome swatches. I have my eyes of Crosswires!

  23. i always droll over your pics.. i have chatterbox and i love it too :)

  24. Love crosswires on you Sara! Mouthwatering collection you have, can't wait to see it growing!!

  25. i love mac lipsticks but its to coslty in pk

  26. Ur n mine mac lippies collection is budding gradually ;) Please me and syrup for me next ;)

  27. wow...i love crosswires on you the most!!!

  28. Lovely...eyeing for chatterbox
    Ur swatches are so clear and colours comes out beautiful on you.

  29. I am eyeing on chatterbox..
    Ur swatches are one of the best.
    Colours come so beautiful on u♡ Radha

  30. Hi. I cannot find the page. The link give here is not valid. Can you please repaste it. Thanks

  31. Great post - will save me time on my next trip to buy mac lipsticks. Btw if you haven't tried Speak Louder, check it out. It's a gorgeous shade of of pink and it seems to suit almost everyone around me from light to even darker skin tones.


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