How To Stop Hair Fall & Stimulate Hair Growth? – Question Of The Week

How To Stop Hair Fall & Stimulate Hair Growth? – Question Of The Week

Monday, March 31, 2014 Sara Hassan , 5 Comments

So much interaction and activity keeps happening on my Facebook page and guys I love you so much for that. *HUGS*

I’ve been thinking about this sort of a post for quite a while where I'd post a problem and you guys could share your thoughts and experiences and together we shall help each other out. I think it’s a fun idea and a lot of us can benefit from it; whaddya think?

So here’s the question from yesterday:
(Wow! So many replies already)

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  1. ohk so my attention is always on hair since kid. I don't care that much of skin which I should. so I am really excited to share what I do for hair growth or to have healthy hair and take care of my hair on daily routine
    i must sound like zubaida appa lol because i am really crazy person who just don't leave her hair alone. and i would love to share my experience with all of you. some of the tips you all know but some don't

    1. drink plenty of water. I know how many times we have heard that water is so good for our skin as well as for hair, your hair gets shiner if you drink plenty of water daily.

    2. your DIET! have a good healthy diet, by diet I don't mean you should starve to death or don't eat that much much which clearly in our country diet word is taken as. have proper meal 3 times and meals which contains protein, fiber, iron etc.

    3. try to buy shampoo that suits your hair and which does not contain sodium laurel and laureth sulfates ingredient. these ingredient are also contain in dishwashing liquid. try to buy a shampoo which have natural ingredients.

    4. wash your hair 2-3 times a week. if you have thin hair wash them more than 2 times.

    5. after washing your hair don't rub it with towel. take an old t-shirt (I use my brother's old t-shirt lol ) and dry them out with the t-shirt. trust me it makes a difference!

    6. once in a week apply home remedy hair mask on your hair. (I will tell you my favorite one which I have been applying it for ages which definitely works! ) 2 egg yolks (depending on your hair, short hair use 1 egg), 2-3 tablespoon yogurt, 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 tablespoon honey. apply from tip to roots, wash it after 1 or 2 hours till it dries out. this remedy really works and make your hair thick and shiny.

    7.for preventing hairfall. plz plz don't comb your hair when they are wet. and don't comb when its completely dry out after washing them. comb your hair when 80% of your hair is dry and with tangled comb ( it has another name which I forgot) and don't blowdry to often i let my hair dry naturally/

    8. for hair growth before washing my hair I use coconut oil and i wash them after 2 3 hours or i use oil before going to sleep and wash my hair in morning.

    9. at night before going to bed use very very little amount of argan oil for shiner hair. and i brush my hair and tie a very loose pony before going to bed.

    10. don't all the time use heat stuffs; straightener or curling iron. do it occasionally. i usually do different hair updos. you can do simple braid french braid or bun.

    11. as going out in day try covering up your hair with hat or scarf.

    12. trim your hair monthly for better growth and getting rid with split ends.

    13. at home i don't just open my hair or do a pony, for having long hair i always do a braid. by doing a braid you
    can have long hair.

    i hope it helps and it seem like i gave monthly tips. lol sorry! xoxo :)

    1. Hey Samul, thanks a bunch for sharing such great tips! That's very helpful of you. I'm sure it's gonna benefit a lot of people. :) x

    2. aoa samul...
      my hair r thick bt near forehead they dnt seen thick specially when i do a pony tail...? and baby hairs around the frnt line
      any remedy

    3. hey for your hair growth on forehead I think you should use castor oil as its for hair growth and for baby hair which is like impossible to grow! I have never tried this oil but I have heard so many good reviews about it!! and from my friends n family too. I am not sure about availability in Pakistan, but if you live in Pakistan you can order from wishlist page on fb. try this and its oil so its nothing risky and just applied where it needed to. I hope this helps :)

  2. we love you too babe...I have been studying your all writings since my joining with blog-spot and honestly I love the way you portray an issue. It’s quite amazing. You and John Kelby are the most favorite personalities who provides reliable and applicable solutions for issues. Keep sharing such an informative stuff. Thank you


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