TRESemme Thermal Creations Instant Heat Tamer Protective Spray – Review

TRESemme Thermal Creations Instant Heat Tamer Protective Spray – Review

Wednesday, April 02, 2014 Sara Hassan , 6 Comments

This product truly deserves all the praise!

Thermal Creations Instant Heat Tamer Protective Spray
Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray by TRESemme guards against heat and friction to keep your hair shiny and incredibly soft. Instantly transforms all hair textures, enhancing strands' flexibility to reform and hold shape.

  • Minimizes Heat Damage, Conditions & Shines
  • Styles & Protects
  • Specially Formulated to work with Heat Appliances
  • Professional Formula
  • Lightweight Styling Mist
  • Contains a unique combination of conditioning and protecting agents
  • Vitamin enriched formula
How to use?
Remove clip on trigger before use. Replace clip before travel. Spray throughout damp hair prior to blow drying. Spray on sections of dry hair before using flat iron or curling iron. Hold closer to hair for targeted application before straightening and curling, further away for broad coverage prior to blow drying.

Professional Results
  • Protects hair while styling with heat
  • Conditions for soft, shiny hair
TRESemme Thermal Creations Instant Heat Tamer Protective Spray
TRESemme Thermal Creations Instant Heat Tamer Protective Spray
My thoughts
I got this spray last year and I couldn’t be happier. This is hands down a huge winner for me as it does everything it says. I was previously using Paul Mitchell spray which was pretty decent but it didn't do much at retaining moisture in my hair after heat styling. This, on the other hand, keeps my tresses looking soft and shiny which is what I adore most about it.

The product comes in a bottle with a well-made nozzle. I spritz around eight to ten times to cover each section of my towel dried hair. I follow with blow drying and then straightening if that’s required. I would advise against drenching too much of your hair with it as that could end up with flat and greasy looking hair. Plus, by all means never use a flat iron on wet hair; it will only burn your strands!

I am certain this product serves its purpose well because if I skip it, I notice that my hair doesn’t turn out looking as smooth, conditioned and manageable as it does when I use it. For extremely frizz prone hair, I would suggest using a separate serum because it may not help much with that. Oh did I mention how amazing it smells? Even though the scent dissipates after a while, it leaves me feeling uplifted. All in all, I am happy and will definitely repurchase when I run out.

You might like it if...
  • You expect it to condition your hair 
  • You want something to protect your hair from heat damage
  • You like the pleasing scent
  • It leaves your hair soft and shiny
  • It doesn't feel heavy on the hair
  • If it's pocket-friendly
You might not like it if...
  • You have very dry hair
  • You expect it to tame frizzy hair
My rating

TRESemme Thermal Creations Instant Heat Tamer Protective Spray costs $4.75 at I purchased mine from BeautyInBudget4u for PKR 1099. It can also be purchased from for PKR 1050.

Which is your favorite heat protectant spray? Have you tried it out yet?


  1. Hey i was looking for this product here in Karachi...Checked Aghas, Naheed....its not available in any of the stores! Do you have any idea where i can get this except the online websites you have mentioned above? because i had a really bad experience ordering things online! they were never delivered!

    1. Hey Nadia, I'm afraid this product isn't available in stores out here as yet. :)

  2. I really like this spray a lot.Great review Sara ,as always ^_^ .Kudos.

  3. Thanx for sharing ! Big fan of Treseme products . I've used their shampoos and conditioners and heard alot of good things about thei heat protectant spray . :)

  4. does not ship to Pakistan does it?


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