Hello Glow Whitening Plus Peel & Reveal – Review

Hello Glow Whitening Plus Peel & Reveal – Review

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 Sara Hassan , 8 Comments

I am all for organic chemical-free skin care products!

Whitening Plus Peel & Reveal
A transforming all natural peel to lift away damaged upper layers leaving a brighter, luminous complexion.

Pour a generous teaspoon full of powder onto wet hands, rub together to make a paste and apply on moistened face. Massage thoroughly until product is only slightly visible. Leave until dry (about 5 min). Then, over the sink, rub the skin until product starts flaking off. Rub off as much as possible and rinse the remainder with cool water. Pat dry.

Hello Glow Whitening Plus Peel & Reveal
My thoughts
If you’ve read my previous reviews on Hello Glow products, you would know that I've loved using Hello Glow Whitening Plus Facial Polish. Since this one is citrus based, I would not suggest using it frequently particularly if you have sensitive skin as it might sting/irritate a bit. I personally like using it once a week or twice a month.

The result is quite similar to Whitening Plus Facial Polish. It does a nice job sloughing off dead skin on my face. My skin feels baby soft and appears glowy. Because it’s an organic product, expecting a dramatic result – like perhaps lifting a tan in a single application – would be just silly. Natural skin care products take their own sweet time to perform. In case you’re wondering if it could whiten or turn you into snow white, it certainly would not. It’s simply going to remove the dull dead layer of your skin revealing the new one underneath. The only immediate result you get with it is a radiant and healthy-looking skin.

My only gripe so far is the packaging. The powder usually clumps together and the blocks the product from getting out. And when you try too hard, you only end up spilling lumps of extra product on your hand. This really frustrates me!

I guess some of you might freak out finding out how tiny it looks when you hold the bottle in your hand. But looks can be deceiving. The 50mg should last roughly four months if you use it once weekly.

I think it's nice but it still doesn't topple Whitening Plus Facial Polish for me. You're probably going to like this if you have combination/oily skin type.

You might like it if…
  • You have dull skin and expect a healthy glow
  • It sloughs away dead skin effectively
  • It lifts your tan off with regular use
  • You have a combination/oily skin.
You might not like it if…
  • You have dry/normal skin type
  • You have sensitive skin
  • It slightly stings upon application
  • You think the packaging is poorly made.
My rating

Hello Glow Whitening Plus Peel & Reveal is priced at PKR 1000 and can be purchased online through Just4girls.pk, BeautyArena.pk and Glamshop.pk (a Facebook store)

What do you think about it? Have you tried it?

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  1. i kept myself from buying it till u review it! so if u hv to choose between this and Hello Glow whitening plus facial polish, which one wuld u choose?

  2. Is it good for large pores
    Will it make them shrinks?

    1. Hey Sumaika, I'm afraid it won't help with shrinking large pores. It will only help with removing dead skin cells from the skin. :)

  3. this looks very interesting thanks for the review

  4. Same question as muna. What would you suggest?

    1. Hey Afrah, it's been mentioned in the review. :) x

  5. Seems nice, thanks for sharing the review, Sara you are doing great! really..


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